Photography . . .

literally means ‘drawing with light’
An interesting art concept that captures light on a light-sensitive material, essentially freezing the moment in time. 

An art that captivated me as a teenager. 
Using only a basic 35mm combined with countless hours in the darkroom,  
I discovered my unique ability to capture light in the world through my lens. 

A lens that was a gift to see all the beauty in the world. 
An ability to capture all the light & love surrounding us.
The light & love we fail to pause & embrace. 
A light & love that healed my darkest hours.

Whether it be the moon on a clear night, 
A vibrant warm sunset,
Or the way a droplet of rain perfectly sits, reflecting the world, after a rainstorm on fern leaf. 
This world has always revealed a beauty that I could not ignore. 

As every artist evolves, so does our art & the way we feel compelled to share it. 
Though my art has changed, my intention has always stayed the same. 
To share my light & love through the medium of photography for all those open to receiving it. 

It’s much, much deeper than just a photograph for me. 
It’s capturing something magical. 
Something that cannot be spoken but only felt.

Whether investing in a beautiful print from my gallery, 
a personalized keepsake session or just a simple like & follow. 
I want to extent my greatest gratitude for the privilege to bring my art into your home.
Sending much light & love

Lindsay Marie